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Royston Town Youth

Royston Town Youth FC’s mission is to provide football fun for boys and girls of all ages from 3 years old right through to Under 18’s.

The club was originally formed in 1975 and fully amalgamated with Royston Town Football Club in 2008, with the club attaining the coveted FA Community Club Status in 2009.  This integration – also bringing together other football clubs in Royston – has been a tremendous success allowing the whole club to thrive and to ultimately provide an exit route for both boys and girls into adult football.

The Royston Town Youth section of the club is run as a sub–committee of the main RTFC board with representation from both sections seen in both executive leaderships.  Under this leadership Royston Town Youth maintains control of its own finances whilst enjoying the structure and strength of the Community Club.

We are committed to providing the best possible playing and training facilities at all levels and all our CRB checked coaches are encouraged to attain the highest possible qualifications to ensure best practice throughout.  Every team has at least one FA Level One coach and the club has a good number of FA Level Two and Three coaches assisting and overseeing all teams.

Royston Town Youth are always looking to increase our player numbers so if you know of a boy or girl that wishes to explore the exciting world of football please get in touch with any of the committee members listed below

Royston Town Youth Committee for 2016/2017 Season

President Simon Dobson
Vice Presidents Mike Dobson
Michael Dyke
Billy Jones
Elaine Phillips
Graham Phillips
Trevor Vipers
Alan Wilson
Chairman Steve Anderson 07715 594712
Secretary Frankie Westoby 07904 157940
Treasurer Michelle Courtney 07793 974569
Welfare Officer Lorna Webb 07941 841262
Assistant Welfare Officer Matt Darby
Charter Standards Coordinator Georgie Phillips 07881 299428
RTY Mid Herts League Secretary Frankie Westoby 07904 157940
RTY Cambs League Secretary Michelle Courtney 07793 974569
RTY S-Tech Girls Secretary Lorna Webb 07941 841262
RTY Royston Crow League Secretary Simone Robinson 07917 094968
Team Administators
Mini Crows Simone Robinson 07917 094968
Under 7 Tracy Durrant
Under 8 Michelle Long 07956 199137
Under 9 Steve Gadsby 07513 439989
U10 Crows Jessica Griffths 07900 576492
Under 10 Eagles/Colts/Falcons Michelle Long 07956 199137
Under 11 Crows Matt Darby mattdarby1981@msn.com
Under 11 Eagles David Mallows 07956 368351
Under 12 Diamonds/Eagles Frankie Westoby 07904 157940
Under 13 Hearts Michelle Courtney 07793 974569
Under 14 Bee Marinkovic 07949 154930
Under 15 Colts/Eagles Simone Robinson 07917 094968
Under 156 Rangers Caine Morgan 07857 752934
Under 18 Eagles Steve Anderson 07715 594712
Under 10 Girls Giles Parnwell 07590 374810
Under 11 Girls Barry Smith 07814 197831
Under 11 Girls Giles Parnwell 07590 374810
Under 15 Girls Lorna Webb 07941 841262
Under 7 James Heslam, Rhett Monahan, Curtis Irish, Scott Nash
Under 8 Mike Rogers, Tony Miller, Matt Rhodes, Jon Large
Under 9 Steve Gadsby, Matt Phillips, Guy Reynolds, Martyn Lees, Paul Middleton, Danny Baulk
Under 10 Crows Simon Griffiths, Damon Jacklin
Under 10 Colts, Eagles, Falcons Steve Smith, Gary Miller, Phil Emmett
Under 11 Crows Matt Darby/Dan Shaw
Under 11 Eagles Paula Elton/David Mallows
Under 12 Diamonds Gary Reid
Under 12 Eagles Elliott West
Under 13 Hearts Richard Courtney/Ryan Harvey
Under 14 Jay Nash
Under 15 Colts Andy Cook/Adam Foster
Under 15 Eagles Kevin McGlynn/Roy Smith
Under 16 Rangers Caine Morgan
Under 18 Eagles Steve  Anderson
Under 10 Girls NO MANAGER YET
Under 11 Girls Barry Smith
Under 12 Girls Giles Parnwell
Under 15 Girls Spencer Webb/Simon Thorpe
Ordinary Members
Stuart Brennan


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