Friday, January 22
Royston, Hertfordshire



Royston Town FC are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new season 2020/21 Commercial brochure!

Like any Club at this level of football, it is vitally important to have sponsorship and fundraising activities to help sustain the Club’s operating costs. To enable us to continue our progress and achieve our objectives, both on and off the pitch, we are always looking for financial support from local, national and international companies who wish to align and affiliate themselves to our ‘Football For All’ ethos and ambition.

We have a wide number of sponsorship opportunities available to welcome you into the ever-expanding Royston Town football family, whilst also providing you with a wide range of exposure to promote and grow your business. Available for the first time this year is the sponsorship of our popular and fast-growing YouTube channel. The club is also able to offer access to our social media audiences via some dedicated marketing campaigns!

You can view our latest commercial brochure here:




Or download your own copy here: RTFC Commercial Opportunities 2020_21

If you wish to discuss your sponsorship requirements or have any questions please contact:

Alan Barlow – Club President

Telephone: 07966 296614