Sunday, April 14
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Massive “Well Done”

Reporting in after a tense afternoon at Kempston Rovers. One that eventually we came out on top but for the majority of the day, unusually we were behind and attempting to get ourselves back into a match that initially we were second best in.

Fair play to our opponents, who from the start seemed more up for it than us but the proverbial “Game of 2 halves” ensued.

A massive well done to ALL the boys for showing the character to stay in the game and overcome an eager Kempston team.

For our part, hopefully a lesson learned. We cannot go into any game “Half-hearted” we simply didn’t get going, although difficult going up the slope we didn’t compete like we normally do.

Second half was a different story with us going down the hill we got back onto the front foot and took the game to them with a vigour lacking previously.


Well if we knew that it surely wouldn’t happen but football is like that at times and I hope that we can be aware from now on and deal with situations similar in the future.

Some may look at my selection, with the benefit of hindsight be critical.

As ever selection now is probably the hardest part of Chris and myself’s job. As always we try to do it with as much honesty as possible.

We decided to leave Spyros Mentis out in favour of reverting to our previously excellent trio in Towns, Scott and Martel and probably the most controversial, leaving out arguably our best player of the season so far in Adam Murray.

My thinking on both was Spyros has been slightly under weather during the week and as ever I need “Legs” and energy in the middle of the park.

With regards to the back line, I felt that their excellent display last week merited a repeat performance. Both were told, not happy but accepted the situation like true “Team Players” they are.

The last “Questionable” choice was to leave our new signing in Rod Orlando-Young on the bench instead of starting.

Yet again the lads holding the shirts in Ingers and Josh have done little wrong so in my opinion to be left out would have been harsh!

A quick welcome to Rod who has come to us from Barton. Probably not being used to not starting but again took the decision in his stride, fully accepting that we are on a roll and will have to force his way into a winning team.

The character shown was immense. Spyros came on and instantly made a physical contribution we were lacking in the first half.

Rod came on yet again made a impact, showing his positive form we signed him for and lastly Adam came on in an unusual role as a striker, a position he has previously played but not since being with us.

It was enough to turn the result round, very pleasing and a bigger headache for yours truly but one for the progression of the group is needed!!