Friday, April 19
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Near Perfect Day

Just getting in from a drive round the M25 after winning against Chalfont by 4 goals to nil!!

So many plus points to come from the game that if I miss any apologies to the lads.

I changed a couple of positions but certainly not due to poor form. John Frendo came in for the unlucky Simon Thomas and I rested Towns to bring in Martel to keep things “Fresh”

We started very brightly and pretty much from the off tested their back line. Great play on our right hand side brought about an excellent cross from Josh and was met by Scott to quickly put us in the lead. Good but it got even better with a fantastic effort by Danny May with his “Weaker left foot”

2-0! Now to kill things off!

If I have to be critical, which I’m not, but at this stage had we got another I believe the floodgates would have opened and we could have finished off the match in the first half!

It could have happened with us creating several opportunities but didn’t get the crucial 3rd.

Inevitably Chalfont rallied slightly and with a couple of set plays put into our box our new signing in Haydn Dodge had to work for the first time with approximately 30 minutes played.

Into half time and although having all the play, a match was still to be won. Credit to our boys once more they carried on where they left off. A goal didn’t come straight away but eventually another superb cross from “Assist King” Gus was met by Ingers to give us that comfortable margin we were after.

Soon after John Frendo got in on the action with a great volley from yet another Gus cross!!

One big low for the excellent Gus Scott was he’s booking which will unfortunately cost him he’s place in the Trophy next week.

But for that the day was near perfect. I’m sure Chalfont will not be looking forward to coming to us in the cup on Tuesday.

Keep the run going lads!!!