Tuesday, June 18
Royston, Hertfordshire


A View From Afar


Another unusual blog because of my enforced absence so to give you a view from me afar from the action but definitely there in spirit.

Coming off the back of an away draw, three points would have kept the positive momentum that the lads have produced over the last six matches.

Briefly regarding Saturday v Stratford it seems that after an untidy start, we slowly but surely got back into the game and bar two horrendous officials’ decisions would have attained the three points!!

Tonight sounded like a similar start resulting in us being 2-0 down at half time.

Whatever Chris said to them at half time obviously worked for we eventually “Woke up” . Scored and according to all staff present the feeling was we could at least get the equaliser. It worked out on this occasion and to achieve maximum points must have been a massive buzz for all concerned.

For my part, yet another nervous night. Reading all tweets that came in and sweating on the score line. Pure torture but hopefully soon to be back in some sort of capacity.

Huge praise on to Chris over this period. He has dealt with almost everything single handed in as much a choices for 1st team. Selection/formation etc.. Some would argue that I should still have a major say in decisions but as to the level of respect I have for Chris, in my opinion he had to have the final choice so if things had to be changed mid-game, he would be on hand to change the situation.

Two wins and an away draw signifies an excellent haul and carries on an impressive recent set of results.

On to the FA Trophy. A competition we did extremely well in last year, only getting knocked out via a replay to eventual semi-finalists! Here’s to another run. Yet again all support will be appreciated.

Steve C