Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Wake-Up Call

Our first competitive match of the season resulting in a narrow 3-2 win to us. A close contest that in our opinion should not have become as close as the score suggests.

A great start with us going into a 2-0 lead but then for some reason, we took the foot off the throttle and allowed a determined Potters Bar team back into the match.

For me, although still a competitive game but before a league game this “Wake up call” hopefully will prepare us for future matches and to enforce the fact that when on top of games, we kill it off and don’t let teams get back into contests.

Hopefully the boys will learn from this. To have so much possession, this should result in positive outcomes. When it doesn’t we have to look at ourselves. Look to the basics of the game of football.

Getting first to the ball. Keeping the ball. Not giving goals away!!

All achievable with in my opinion requiring minimal skill levels.

Our squad is hugely talented but if we don’t match this with “Basic” skills, our flamboyant play will count for nothing!!

Please learn from it lads. If we do an exciting season awaits!!