Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


An All-Round Good Day

What a day!!

Some really good news personally and also for the Castle household today!! All that was needed now was a positive result at Ashford to complete a “Perfect” day!!

I made a few changes which in my opinion were required. The lads have all had a lot of football and they have plenty more to come in the next few weeks so a “Freshen up” I thought was in order. No reflection on the lads being left out, they can feel a bit “Miffed” but as said before all these boys are 1st Teamers and to utilise this, for me was a no-brainer.

Early into the game and my choice was severely questioned when after only one minute we were 1-0 down! Sloppy from our point of view but a great strike all the same. We were rattled slightly but as has happened most of the season the lads “Dug in” and we not only equalised but added another two to put us 3-1 up. Although not really playing with our usual confidence 3-1 at half time was maybe not deserved but gratefully accepted.

I changed the 9 spot, bringing on John Frendo to replace Matt Nolan, harsh on Matt but no sentiment in the choice, yet again fresher legs to come on and although John has been very understanding previously wanted to get on and carry his impressive goal scoring run.
To have both of these excellent players at our disposal is fantastic for me. Matt can’t be there on Saturday so John to get some vital minutes and also score will do him the power of good.

At this stage of the season and the position we are in, it’s only human nature to look beyond and to look at our title prospects. We all know it looks good but we still need to take everything one step at a time.

Farnborough will have to keep winning all of their games and they have a hard run of matches coming up. Marlow at home, Fleet away then Kempston, Northwood, Hanwell then us!

Whilst we also have some tricky ties to come I do believe that if we can win all our games up to playing them, it could be a fantastic opportunity to go there and consolidate our status!!

As said though, only Dunstable to think of. 3 points and move on to the next.