Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


An “Ugly Win”

Well the guys have gone off tonight to a much deserved “Team Bonding session” in Bournemouth following another good away win at Petersfield.

Not a classic by any means but deserved with the balance of play clearly going to us but with the score line being so tight there was always a chance that Petersfield may nick something. Thankfully any half chances they had produced poor finishing on their part.

As for us John Frendo, I’m sure by his own high standards would be a little bit disappointed not to have added at least one more goal to his tally and Ryan Towner with a bit more good fortune could also have got a least one goal himself.

So a mixed bag of views from me. On the one hand, impressive that we have kept our winning run going and on the other frustration that we couldn’t make it more convincing!

A few variables come into the equation regarding our performance. The pitch although the same for both teams was awful and affected our passing. Also the “Fussy” ref affected the match to the detriment of both teams. That and an opposition fighting for their lives so I suppose a “Battle” was always going to occur.

I think to keep on the positives is the answer. The lads recently have been superb and in a season if you can win “Ugly” then good signs ultimately.

Have a good night lads. I believe you have earned it!!