Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Another Positive Night

Well the great run we are on continues!

Tonight we had a rather tricky contest against Potters Bar who themselves have been on a good run. The professionalism shown was outstanding, on a difficult pitch we played a reasonable amount of football, all the time aware that the long ball to stretch the opposition was needed in certain circumstances.

Very pleasing although the goal conceded from a set play is one disappointment in an otherwise positive night.

A special mention to both Scott Bridges and Martel Powell. Both took off for no fault of their own but my worry of the official in the middle choosing to further punish them after booking both rather harshly in my opinion.

The great plus that we have in this strong squad is if this situation arises we have able players to come on and carry on where the previous lads had left off!

Same can be said of our last change in bringing in Si Thomas for the excellent John Frendo. Si came on, gave the opposition a further headache and contributed to our last goal!!

I know I keep mentioning about the great atmosphere around the lads but it really is a pleasure to be around them all. Obviously there are some feeling that they are not getting as many game time minutes as they would want but not one has shown negative vibes.

All are firmly “With us” which is most pleasing.

Onto the weekend and a tough away fixture against opponents flying in their own league, two steps above us at the moment.

For me it’s a great opportunity to pit our wits against higher opposition. Not to be afraid but to relish the challenge! The younger lads to test themselves in a level that if they keep progressing will get to and the more experienced lads, most have played at this level to show they still can compete so a lot of positives to draw on!

Of course for us the League will always be our priority but having got to this stage show what we are all about!!

Our preparations will not change. Cars to the venue and a 1.30 meet as normal. Our very supportive chairman offered a pre match meal for the lads but I declined the fantastic gesture so we can keep things like a normal Saturday with hopefully a similar result that has occurred recently.

Go the Crows!!