Tuesday, April 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


Bring The Replay On!

We live to fight another day after a indifferent first 45 mins at Eastbourne. Recovering well in the second 45 to not only equalise but miss a penalty which could have saved the replay.

A replay it is though and this Tuesday is the date for it. Eastbourne having to travel midweek will not be ideal for them but I’m sure they will prepare as professionally as needed to secure their place in the next round.

For our part we have had so many Tuesday games lately that it’s getting pretty normal for us to play twice a week.

It would be helpful if we had a few more lads to choose from. Injured lads, Ingers, Muz, Maz and Joe have a little bit longer to declare their fitness although I won’t be holding my breath but forever hopeful.

Bring the replay on!!