Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire



Every Second Counts: Help Save Lives in Royston

Every second counts when it comes to saving a life. Imagine a scenario: the roar of the crowd at Royston Town FC fades as a fan clutches their chest, stricken by a sudden cardiac event. With each passing moment, hope dwindles. But what if…

A defibrillator stood proudly within the ground, ready to be a hero.

This life-saving device could make the difference between tragedy and triumph. With your help, we can ensure the Royston Town football ground becomes a heartbeat of the community, not just on match days, but every single day. The club already has portable defibrillators for some of its teams but now we are hoping to provide one that is easily and readily accessible to the whole Royston community at all times.

We are now looking to raise £3000 to purchase and install a defibrillator and cabinet at Garden Walk so that the whole Royston Community has access to it.

Here’s why your donation matters:

  • Defibrillators are proven to significantly increase survival rates in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • This defibrillator wouldn’t just serve the football club, it would be accessible to the wider community, potentially saving lives beyond the pitch.
  • Your contribution, no matter how big or small, brings us closer to securing these vital pieces of equipment.


Donate today and become a champion for the Royston community:

  • Every pound counts: Even a small donation gets us closer to our goal.
  • Spread the word: Share this campaign with your friends, family, and fellow football fans.
  • Together, we can make a difference: Let’s ensure a defibrillator is readily available, ready to be a hero when needed most.

Imagine the cheers erupting not just for a goal, but for a life saved. With your support, we can turn that vision into reality. Donate now and be part of something truly special.

Together, let’s keep the heart of Royston beating strong, on and off the pitch.