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Royston, Hertfordshire


Crows On The Road

Next Up: The Moles of Aylesbury FC

Aylesbury FC v Crows

Kick Off: 19:45, Tuesday 4th September 2012


The Affinity Investments Stadium
Haywood Way
HP19 9WZ

Our next game is a visit to Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury, no not the famous Ducks of Aylesbury United, famous for many a scalp of football league clubs, famous for the duck cup waddle, famous for Cliff Hercules in bygone eras, but the young upstarts of Aylesbury…., yes I am.


They only become Aylesbury FC in 2009, but enjoyed incarnations of many names beforehand, I’ll try and explain…


Stocklake F.C.

They were founded as Stocklake F.C. in the 1930’s as the Negretti and Zambra company which was then based in London’s King’s Cross district. Yep, I’ve heard of that one too. They then moved to the Stocklate Industrial park in 1949, can you imagine if the Crows were called Orchard Road FC (Hang on, there was a team called that in the 1990’s, I know this to be true, I played for them!!!).

They joined the Aylesbury & District League in 1954 and achieved great success locally, they gained senior status in 1988 to the Chiltern League (I’m learning new stuff all the time!) They beat Wycombe Wanderers in 1995 to win the Wycombe Senior Cup.

Belgrave F.C.

Still confused, I am! But anyhow, Belgrave FC started up in 1983 by a chap called Jim Sullivan, a man with two sons who were passionate about football, any crows fans in the same situation, stop getting ideas now, we don’t need another Royston club. Anyhow, this chap called Jim lived in Belgrave Road and decided to set up his own team. In 1990 they were pretty big by local league standards and decided to enter a senior team in 1996, by which time they had over 200 registered players, sounds just like Manchester City or more local, Luton Town.

Haywood United F.C.


Are you still with me? In 2000-2001 Belgrave and Stocklake merged, a plot now thickens confused Crows fans! Haywood United FC??? Where did that one come from? Well from the ground sillies!!

Well they joined the Spartan South Midlands leagues and were pretty good. They won promotion into Division 1 after just two seasons, again, just like Man City!

They then won promotion into the SSML Premier in 2004 and finished 3rd in 2005.



 Yet Another Name Change: Aylesbury Vale F.C.

At the beginning of the 2005–06 season the members of Haywood United voted to change the club’s name to Aylesbury Vale F.C. Why the Vale, I have no idea?  But they wanted to Identify with the local people, why they could not do this in 1954 I have no idea, would have saved a lot of typing, a lot of crumpets, food variety people, although I am partial to a bit of Kiera Knightly, she is crumpet of the highest order. The Club did pretty well, finishing fairly high up the SSML and reaching the 2nd Round of FA Cup Qualifying. This feat happened in those heady days of 2008 when England reached the Final of Euro 2008, then I woke up.

And Now We Get To Aylesbury F.C.

At the end of the 2008–09 season Aylesbury Vale changed its name to Aylesbury F.C and at last we get there. Why did they do it? Promotion to the FA Premier League me thinks, no, it was to get more fans through the gate. They wanted to merge with Aylesbury United, but the ducks said NO!

During their first season under their new guise, Aylesbury went on the club's best FA Cup run beating local rivals Chesham United but then lost to Wealdstone, but this set the club's best ever attendance of 682. They have not beaten our record attendance though!

Aylesbury then went onto win the SSML title on the 25th April 2010, with one game to spare.

Their Season So Far

Played 3 and lost 3, on paper and with our form, an easy conclusion with an away win, but don’t be underestimated by them. A pre-season when players were out through injury, a 3-2 defeat against Northwood on Saturday does not tell the full tale. The Moles dominated against the “wood” and will not present an easy game against Paul’s team.


One to Watch

Daniel Jones, a midfielder with 3 goals in 3 games. Signed in July 2012, this lad is 23 years old, supremely talented and a real danger. Has played for Oxford United and Wycombe Wanderers. Committed player and extremely good at set pieces. Should not be underestimated at all.


The Gaffer

Craig Faulconbridge, born in Nuneaton, not far from that mighty Golden Palace of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Yes Crows fans, my hometown club.

He made the mistake of playing for Coventry City, before sojourns at Dunfermline Athletic, Hull City, Wrexham and surprise, surprise, Wycombe Wanderers.

He signed for Aylesbury on 10 January 2012. After the conclusion of the season, Faulconbridge was confirmed as the new manager at Aylesbury, replacing Steve Smith. In June 2012, Faulconbridge confirmed his intentions to play next season, and will therefore balance the player/manager duties.

How To Get There

Allow at least 1.5 hours, but it’s pretty straight forward. A505 most of the way, go past Luton and head towards Leighton Buzzard, from then on in, pretty easy to find.

Match Day Information


Adult    £7.00
Concession  £5.00
Under 16’s  £1.00

Jez Izod