Monday, April 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Crows on the Road: Jez’s Report

No Easy Wading For The Crows


Match v Biggleswade Town FC

Tuesday 16th October 2012


Result: Biggleswade Town FC 1-0 Crows: Attendance 107 (25 Travelling Crows Approx)



The Journey

We left Royston at 18.45 (a new posse this time!) and it was a pretty straightforward journey to Langford Lane and the home of Biggleswade Town FC, or you would have thought it would have been, but I decided to trust my Sat Nav one more time! You guessed it fellow Crows, I got lost.  This “brand will be nameless Sat Nav” took me to another wrong stadium. This time the Rugby and Squash club, the mind boggles. How can you play squash on a “rugger” pitch? Answers on a post card please.


The Ground

Wow! What a fantastic set up. After finding a space in the ample car park, we entered the ground via a very smart turnstile. Looking inside, it had a computerised counter! Hey Mr Chairman, Richard needs one of them! Once inside the ground a fantastic club house adorned you on the left, very warm and very inviting. I left my party in here to sample the beverages (all for this report you know!), whilst I took a walk around the ground. On one side there is a large all seater stand holding 300, with terraced areas each side. To my right there was an uncovered terrace where local children climbed  on old wooden benches to view the match….arr takes me back many years ago, when all this was green fields, etc, etc. Opposite was another covered area with modern dugouts placed in front.

The pitch was excellent, if a little slippy as our players found out!


Food and Drink

After the Leighton Town experience, I approached this with due dread and trepidation (oh what I do for Royston Town FC). I need not to have worried, the best quality and the best value by far in this league. £2.50 for an excellent and not too greasy burger and £1 for a Terry’s (It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine) hot chocolate.  



The BTFC website stated that programmes came with admission. I have to say I was a little unimpressed when an extra pound was taken out of my admittance. I know, I know, cheapskate, you are all thinking. This though is a point of principle! When I “discussed” this with the turnstile operator, I was informed that the free programme on entry was ended over a year ago and he was very surprised to find “Someone actually reads our website?”.


State of Toilets

Again, best in the league. Clean and warm.


Tannoy System

A quiet system in which you could hardly hear. Perhaps that is for the best? Sound track of the night which did question the set up a little was “it’s raining men!”, this was played just as the players came out. Another minus in regards to this, was the fact that a minutes applause was held for a fan theirs, but as no-one could hear why and when and whom this was happening for, several us stood bemused whilst applause was taking place.


Home Fans

Loud and very supporting of their team. Questioned every decision against them, but shouted loads of encouragement throughout the game. I would also say, the friendliest bunch of fans I have come across so far in this league.



25 in a crowd of 107 made the short journey from Royston (None followed my directions!) The quietest we have been all season.


The Game

Much, much better after recent performances, did not cope with a slippy pitch though. The team did play it on the floor much of the time. BTFC were an excellent side and for me their keeper deserved the man of match award. This just goes to show how The Crows played. One lapse of concentration in the first half allowed for their goal, but after that it was all Royston. Individual performances not so good but as a team performance, better.


Man of the Match

One man stands out for me by far and when discussed by the MOM Committee in the car, we were all in agreement. Step forward Carl Edwards, you were colossal! Honourable mentions go to Lewis Endacott for a very hard working display and Ross Collins for a Captains performance.


Millage for me so far (Round trips)

438 plus an extra 82 miles going to the wrong Burnham FC!


Jez Izod (With additional reporting from Norman Digby and Tom Parker)