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Crows on the Road: Jez’s Report: Fleet Town

Crows Draw A Blank

Crows at  Fleet Town FC
Tuesday 12th March 2013
Result: Fleet Town 0-0  Royston Town FC
Attendance: 55 (16 Travelling Crows)

The Journey
My Chauffeur arrived at a ridiculously early 5pm, but this was to allow for traffic on the M25. We could have left later as the UK’s greatest car park was a kind mistress this night. It’s interesting as a passenger that you take in some wonderful sights along the way and can also see some idiotic driving too! The amount of people texting and driving along the A1(m) was terrible. This was debated in the car, I must say Simon is like me… Hang ‘em and flog ‘em!
It was also relieving to know that I am not the only one with Sat Nav issues because as we arrived in Fleet (You can tell why it was voted the 10th best place to live in the UK), the said system had a wobbly and took us on a detour around the most magnificent housing estate. As we were driving quite slowly as to not miss the ground, we could have been mistaken as a group trying to case the joint!

The Ground
An old fashioned ground to say the least. As we ventured into the ample car park that was blotted with pot holes deeper than Loch Ness, my travelling companions decided to take advantage of the Domino’s Pizza Bar spotted earlier up the road. I declined as I just wanted to stay warm!
A friendly club house, but would not serve warm drinks until the clock struck 7pm precisely!
Once through the turnstiles that would not look out of place at Wandsworth Prison, we were greeted by an old fashioned stand to our left and a covered tea bar to our right. A very friendly lass was serving beverages in China cups. More on that later!
The two ends were covered terracing, however these were built up by scaffolding poles. We declined to stand underneath these structures due to fear of a collapse.
The Pitch reminded us of Garden Walk, good condition in the most, but just like Mick in the travelling support, a little bald in places!

Food and Drink
Our Becky, in our party had left earlier to find the said Domino’s Pizza and as she could not finish her Pepperoni, offered the last slice to moi. Well you cannot say no to a lady can you?
However I did partake in an excellent cup of tea served in an AFC Wimbledon mug, with the strict instructions to return once finished. I did as I was told.
Fellow Crows did munch on the burgers and chips that were being served and commented on how excellent the fair was.

Just a pound for a slim read. I was a little confused as the welcome stated “Good Afternoon” and also invited fans to their away fixture on the 26th January 2013 at Guildford City. It then struck that this must have been the production for our postponed fixture earlier this year!

State of Toilets
I had a little friend that joined me in here. I did not realise that Roland Rat lived in Fleet and believe me, his tale was huge. The said rat had obviously taken shelter in these facilities (I use the term loosely!) to escape the snow. Roland was eyeing me suspiciously and one false move from me could have ended in disaster.
Due to my encounter with Roland, we could not take Becky’s view on the ladies toilets due to her concern that he may have dropped in next door!

Tannoy System
Pretty good, volume was not turned up too load and they played some classic hits of the 60’s and 70’s. They even went as far back as the 40’s, so Terry McKinnell felt quite at home!

Home Fans
Not that many, in fact you could count them. I feel very sorry for the football club and the lack of support from the town. A Pretty large town at that and yet only 30 odd came out to support them. A very friendly bunch of people though and they certainly knew their football.

An excellent turn out for a freezing cold night and a very long trip. 16 of us made the journey and we certainly made some noise in the second half.

The Game
A much improved performance on what we have witnessed lately. The Crows laid siege at the Fleet goal.
Straight from the off, the excellent Robins probed at every opportunity. Ryan Ingrey held the ball up extremely well. The Crows played the patient football game and restricted their hosts to just one effort in the first half.
Second half saw Royston shoot out of the blocks, they could so easily have won this match by 3 or 4 goals if it had not been for an inspired performance by the Fleet Town goal keeper. He was magnificent and deserved the ovation from the away contingent at the end.
A note about the officials as well. They were excellent, kept the game flowing and to be honest I did not realise they were there. A pleasure to say this after the display of officialdom last weekend!

Physio Watch
Only saw our Kim and to be honest you could only see her eyes as she was so wrapped up. Lovely eyes though

Man Of The Match
Some excellent performances out there. However for some superb tackles, driving runs and a never give up attitude, this coveted award goes to Jack Bradshaw. Honourable mentions to Ryan Ingrey for a hardworking, quality display and Lewis Endacott who created panic down the right flank!

Mileage for me so far (Round Trips)
2213.5 Plus that round trip to stupid Burnham Ramblers.

Jez Izod (With additional reporting from Becky and Simon Rasch)