Tuesday, April 23
Royston, Hertfordshire


Disappointing Day

A disappointing day at the seaside for us Crows to report on.

All started ok, with the coach getting down in good time and seeing the lovely surface and the importance of the match, little had to be said in the pre match chat in as much as motivation!

The start of the game was even enough. We had a certain game plan and in the early stages it was working out adequately enough although we lost possession too quickly our liking. We had a couple of opportunities as did they but as with most tight encounters it often rests on a mistake and this time unfortunately it was us. Good play from them in fairness but disappointing for us all the same.

Being 1-0 down isn’t unusual for us so from our perspective, still in the game but then we full on pushed the self destruct button and gave ourselves a mountain to climb!!  If I had one particular gripe about our season thus far we have made things worse by our own “Stupid” actions far too much!!

We have a team, when disciplined can compete with pretty much any opposition that we have faced this year but too often we have let ourselves down.

The boys are a great group. Full of ability, quality and enthusiasm but this collective flaw is becoming “Irritating” to say the least!

I know that any negative’s always comes back to the manager and I accept that.

We have increased fines for dissent bookings/sending offs. We have told the boys that they are in danger of losing their jobs if we deem the incident bad enough. I/we as staff can’t control everything! We can’t stop grown men act inappropriately. There has to be an element of trust and acknowledgment of their actions. As soon as they cross the white line onto the pitch, there has to be a responsibility for all their actions.

So back to the match, we changed the formation to still remain positive and take the match to Weymouth because we knew the importance of the tie.

A second goal from them was a real kick in the teeth for us just before halftime but our general message was to stay on the front foot and carry on taking the game to them as best we could. I feel we did do that although yet another sending off killed any thought of taking anything from the game.

For me it’s not a time to dwell on negatives but to push on. 6 points to win in The upcoming week. It will keep us in it and keep alive our aspirations.

Next is Kings Langley away. Not easy although their lowly league status but we need everyone to remain confident and positive and I’m sure we will keep this season alive for the duration of the campaign.