Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Disappointing Night


To everyone that made the effort to come to Egham last night, apologies on behalf of the club. We went over there in a positive mood after the description we got back from Egham was that the game would be on! I was one of the first people over and quickly got on to the pitch. It was ok but as the lads were arriving it seemed to be getting harder and harder by the minute.

It was a strange situation because everyone was under the impression that the ref had given permission for the go ahead because he had been there so long and not once came up to us. I proceeded to get our warm up area ready then the lads who were all in the middle of the pitch got approached by the officials, yet again still in a positive vein.

The ref suddenly then started talking about the fact that he thought it was fine now but that he thought it may get harder as the night went on. Their manager called me over and we went with the ref to the worst effected place, the far goal area. It was rock solid! The ref turned to us and said he was happy to start but doubted if game would be able to finish. Their manager, quite rightly said then we will have to call the game off but that it was up to me considering the time spent travelling. For me it was a no-brainer. If you can’t finish a game then why start it and also I have been involved in a game where a lad was put into a coma from banging his head on a frozen pitch so no way was I putting our lads at risk.

A shame but it leaves us another game to fit in. We could have done with the game being on but we’ll live with it. Scott Bridges will have to wait a bit longer for he’s return but by then we could be back to full strength, squad wise.

In these winter months it is really hard to get the right amount of training done. We are in on Thursday, probably a practice match to keep everyone ticking over. Fingers crossed our home game v Petersfield will go ahead on Saturday and we can keep this winning run going.

Cheers for now,