Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Disappointing to say the least.


Sadly a loss to report yesterday. For all watching including me, the frustration  of our performance really hit new heights!! In my opinion we not only had more chances than Chalfont but definately more possession. So to come out of it with no points and a loss by 2 goals to 1 was disappointing to say the least!

Fair play to their top striker Mendy, he had two chances to score and finished them both off with a great deal of quality. We on the other hand had plenty of opportunities, none or hardly any hitting the target which arguably was the main reason for our defeat. I did feel that our defending left a lot to be desired especially in regards to the goals against.

Typical of our group they were aware of this and collectively we all took responsibility for the loss!!

That in truth includes me and the staff! We are all in it together so when we lose, we all lose, when we win everyone can take the plaudits dished out!

For my part I feel responsible for maybe “Tinkering” about a little too much. We had got ourselves back level but I was very optimistic that we could get the three points. I put Della up top instead of Rob who had picked up a ankle knock. Sometimes these choices come off, sometimes not. It’s the dilemmas that a manager has. If I’m truthful it’s a thing I have got to control! My staff are excellent and although I try to get their views I will mostly go on my “instinct”. In the league we are in at the moment I believe we should always be looking to get the win! I’d like to think that the positivity it portrays is infectious. Occasionally it won’t work but if we believe we will get something we will.

The league is so erratic, other than Diamonds who I’m sure will have a blip at some stage, most teams are faltering in games.

On to Egham this Tuesday. Another hard one but one we have got to go into with an air of positivity. After the Diamonds victory we know we can go anywhere and compete.

Keep believing lads, we are good enough, we need to prove it, week in week out!