Sunday, April 14
Royston, Hertfordshire


Disappointment at Biggleswade

Reporting in to you all after a very disappointing night spent at Biggleswade. We were beaten by a under 18's Youth team which I am far from happy about.

We are having a wonderful time at the moment but I'm fully aware that things can easily go the other way!

I appreciate that this sounds negative and to some even a bit panicky but I firmly believe we have a group of lads that can challenge this year. I will not let the standards drop! All the lads have talent and are good players, we just sometimes "Lack concentration" or "Switch off" at crucial moments, enabling other teams in.

I think half the battle in overcoming this is recognising the problem. The lads are aware that Tuesday's performance was not good enough. As if to reconfirm our approach we had a team meeting before training last night (Thursday)

Strange to have a "Crisis Meeting" after six straight victories but I think what it shows, we as a group have set the standard, we the group will endeavour to keep these high standards and progress.

On to our league game against Fleet Town on Saturday. One positive from Tuesday was the recovery time given to Daniel Brathwaite, Stuart Bridges, Liam McDevitt and Rhys Hoenes. Hopefully they are in a better state body-wise by resting during the week.

It's a home game and by the very nature we are expecting a win! Not always the case, especially now with us being top because everyone wants to take a scalp. We have to approach every game with a excellent attitude and an enthusiasm to work hard and keep clean sheets and score goals. Plenty of Em!!