Wednesday, May 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Epic Performance

What an epic performance from us on Saturday in the first round of the Trophy.

Going to a team arguably with the best squad in their level and ultimately “Devastated” by a 2-2 score line.

We had a tactical plan and went through it beforehand. Not ideal, normally we would have had a training session but after our previous superb encounter with Hampton, the lads were so tired I decided that rest was the best option. So on the whiteboard we went through what we wanted and the boys executed the plans to the letter.

To explain the quote “Devastated” this was because getting to a 2-0 lead we unfortunately let the lead slip and drew the match which I felt we had done enough to win.

It shows how far we have come in terms of progress. I believe that it all bodes well for our league campaign if we can take on and compete with teams higher up the pyramid we should gain belief for upcoming matches.

So onto the replay on Tuesday. It will be equally as difficult. They are a very good, quick team with talented players. We will have to be at our very best to contest the match, something the lads are regularly doing these days so an exciting night for all concerned.