Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


Football – A Game of Opinions

Hello again.

You might notice that I'm very quick to add blogs when we win and sometimes drag my heels when we have a negative result!! Call it human nature!! I'm the same as everyone else! We all love praise but on the odd occasions we have to take a little 'Constructive criticism'.

One thing that I hope my players know is that I will never publicly have a go at them personally. That's for the dressing room or one to one! I'm always looking for perfection. That's my job! Even after a fantastic 5-1 win yesterday, The first thing I mentioned was the lack of a clean sheet. I thought that our young goalkeeper Dominic Russo deserved one.

We will never please everyone!! People will have their favourites, Their 'bug bears' ,their 'problem players!' It's all about opinions. It's what makes this game of football unique. Everyone has an opinion and with today's media as it is if you want to be heard you will! Forum's, Facebook, Twitter it's all there to 'voice' an opinion.

My take on it is that I don't look!! I don't want to upset anyone with this statement but I don't! All media outlets, I just don't open them up!! I make my choices/decisions with as much honesty as possible , I have no agenda with any players/staff and try to make the best choice as frequently as I can!

People will disagree, I understand that and as I've said everyone's entitled to their opinion. As long as I try to do the right thing with integrity and openness that's OK for me.

Although the lads are their own people! They are adults and can make their own choices! A few go onto the media outlets I've spoken about and sometimes can get annoyed about what's on there. I try to tell them that everybody's got a right to air their views! Still as I've said we are all human and no one likes criticism/negative views. Some lads get very upset by this. The good news for the bigger picture is that the lads most annoyed responded tremendously well and used the negative views to put in great performances. I believe that all my players go out to perform to their best of abilities! Mistakes will be made but they are putting themselves on the line and I for one am really appreciative of this!

Off soap box now and back to our tremendous result against North Greenford. Expected you could say but satisfying all the same. On to the two cup games coming up. We will be going into them full of confidence and with a belief to win every game one by one! It would be great to progress in both!!

The Red Insure Cup because of the prestige of this cup and the chance to play higher opposition and Saturday's Semi-Final which surely speaks for itself.

Here's to a successful couple of months that hopefully will end in us competing in ALL competitions, both cups and league.