Thursday, April 18
Royston, Hertfordshire


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!
Not too much football to report about due to the weather but it did give our staff including myself a chance to go and look at some other games. Chris went over to AFC Dunstable v Biggleswade and both me and Lance Keys went off to Histon against the other Biggleswade team. For my part it was a good entertaining match, Histon probably edging the possession but Biggleswade having much more of a cutting edge up top.
Obviously you can’t help but imagine our team against both of theirs, considering it’s a league higher I personally think we could more than match them both, hypothetical I know but interesting.
We have managed a couple of sessions for the boys in between St Ives and now. Trying to get on a facility is not easy this time of year but we have got the lads “Ticking over”.
Hopefully you all will know but the Ware game has now been rearranged for Tuesday 5th January [Editor Note: the Ware game has been postponed again as per League instructions], so yet again we will be in the laps of the gods regarding the weather, if not a session up at Meridian for us.
Although we will be missing Scott Bridges and Stuart, the squad is looking fit and eager! Liam Mc Devitt should be up for selection as Gus Scott-Morriss who had a blow to the head.
A fight for the starting line up is healthy and correct. No one should have an “Automatic selection” The players know that winning teams very rarely get changed so that is the goal! Generally the lads get on and if they are being kept out due to a run of winning games it’s easier to accept. I have said to them that we will most likely need ALL the Squad members, throughout this busy Winter period. All must keep themselves fit and ready to go. They will never know when they are required so make sure when you are asked you are ready!!