Saturday, July 13
Royston, Hertfordshire


Ian Allen Testimonial

Royston Town Vets v Steve Fallon's All Stars.

Thursday 3rd November 2011, 7:45pm Kick-off at Royston Town FC, Garden Walk.

We have a special event coming up next week, Ian Allen OBE, who is a long standing player of Royston Town Veterans FC and a former Royston Town FC 'A' Team Manager, is 70 years old and we have organised a Testimonial

The All Stars line-up is as follows:

Steve Fallon (Manager) ( Camb Utd / Camb City / Histon)

Ian Harte (Assistant and Physio)

Tony Galvin (Ireland / Tottenham)

Mark Falco (Tottenham)

Gary Brookes (Tottenham)

Darren Wood (Goalkeeper)

Jamie Barker (Histon)

Andy Beattie (Camb Utd / Camb City )

Matt Mitchel King (Histon / Crewe / AFC Wimbledon)

Ian Cambridge (Camb City / Histon)

John Ellis (Histon)

Paul Shadrack (Histon)

James Saddington (Camb City / Milwall / Histon)

Mick Coe (Histon)

Nigel Childs (Man City) he will love that!

Ozzie Mintus (Leicester / Histon)

Shaun Harrington (Camb Utd / Camb City / Histon)

Wayne Goddard ( Camb Utd / Camb City / Histon)

Chris Tovey ( Royston / Camb City / Chelmsford / Histon)

Lance Key ( Coventry / Histon)

Kendo ( Histon)

Matt Joseph (Camb Utd / Histon)

Andrew Jeffrey (Scotland / Camb Utd / Camb City / Histon)

Laurie Ryan (Camb Utd / Barnet / Camb City)

Guests appearing for Royston Town: Perry Groves (Arsenal), Tommy Robson (Arsenal).

Pretty decent line up.

Admission: £1.00