Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


In Deep With……

In Deep With……….

Jason Beck

What is your earliest football memory?

Running around Baldock Leisure Centre, when I was about 5 chasing the ball


Three words to describe yourself?

All or nothing


What can you not resist?



What can you not stand?

Payney’s haircut!


What would your ideal invention be?

A Boot cleaner


Who would your ideal dinner guests be?

Rhian Sugden, David Beckham & Michelle Keegan


What was your first ever job?

Paper Boy


What is your current job?

Graphic Installer

What is your best Royston Town FC experience?

Winning the treble last year


And your worst?

Paul dragging me off after 15 minutes in the Final v St. Mags after I was booked for a tackle (top bloke)


Who is your favourite player?

Eddie The Eagle


What team do you support?

The Almighty Tottenham Hotspur


Who is the worst dresser in the team?

Luke Robins


What is your nickname?



And finally….. Magaluf with the lads or Bognor with the Missus?

Magaluf for sure, silly question really ha ha

Interviewed By Jez Izod