Saturday, July 20
Royston, Hertfordshire


In Deep With……

Luke Robins

 What is your earliest football memory?
Just playing against the wall around my street

Three words to describe yourself?
Big, Funny, Childish

What can you not resist?
 A Beer!

What can you not stand?
Carl Edwards' breath (It stinks!)

What would your ideal invention be?
A Money Tree

Who would your ideal dinner guests be?
Ricky Gervais

What was your first ever job?
Paper Boy

What is your current job?
Kitchen/Bathroom Fitter

What is your best Royston Town FC experience?
Just scoring goals and winning games

And your worst?
Being on the bench

Who is your favourite player?

What team do you support?
Liverpool FC

Who is the worst dresser in the team?
Tommy Malins!

What is your nickname?

And finally….. Magaluf with the lads or Bognor with the Missus?
Neither are appealing places. Change it to Vegas and I would be happy to go with both!

Interviewed By Jez Izod