Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


International Praise For Crows Ladies

Royston Town Ladies Manager Pat Lewis (who is leaving the post this summer) and his coaching team received this letter of praise from one of their squad (Anna):

"THANK YOU!! You have been so great you have no idea! I came to England with my passion for football almost gone because of years of bad coaching, that led to a very bad self-esteem. In late August I came to Royston and met a great group of ladies (who I will miss sooo much!) and after having played a season with you guys I am more in love with the sport than ever before and my confidence is back! You have been so supportive and training have been so much fun! Stuart and Amy are both amazing coaches! Better than any of my previous coaches I have had for the past ten years!

So thank you for believing in me. It is a shame you won't be RTFC ladies' manager anymore, but I hope you know you did a really, really good job!"