Monday, July 22
Royston, Hertfordshire


Keep Striving

Have we done it or not??!!

I’m sure everyone including myself wanted to celebrate the fact we had reached 95 points. That is as much as Farnborough can manage and with us having a +30 goal difference on them it is Bar the shouting over and we have attained our goal of automatic promotion!!

Nothing can be taken for granted so I do understand everyone’s attitude, a subdued delight and onto Tuesday where Farnborough have their next match away to Kempston in which they have to gain maximum points.

For our part we will be in the clubhouse on Tuesday night waiting for the result to come through. Anything other than the win will definitely give us the title, so a good time to be in the bar at Royston if anyone fancies it!!

The game itself, we were always in control of. Early in the game we went ahead with some good play by our lads resulting in Adam Murray tapping in to put us 1-0 up. A second quickly followed by Scott Bridges free kick, putting us in a strong position.

We certainly started well and on the front foot but after that we went a little “Sloppy” and although Northwood hardly threatened, we didn’t kill the match like I would have wanted.

Into half time. Message was for much the same. Unfortunately the “Sloppiness” continued so we toiled a little, not killing the match like we should.

In a half that had too few decent pockets of play, Josh came up with yet another run and this time crossed for a Northwood defender making contact for an own goal. 3-0.

A 4th followed by our sub Scott Neilson who carried on his impressive goal tally by netting his 3rd in 2 games to finally clinch the match in our favour.

The game as a contest was over and now to really move the ball and play like we know we can!

Unfortunately far too many errors marred a excellent day in the last 10 mins we were “Awful” if I’m honest.

I think these fantastic players are owed a break and all said and done a 4-0 win is convincing in anyone’s book, so as said a muted celebration ensued.

Other targets now to achieve:
– 100 plus points in the season
– Highest scorers in all three Southern League Divisions.
– No more than 42 goals conceded
– and one target we have already achieved over 100 goals in one season!

All aimed to keep us striving till the end of the campaign!