Wednesday, May 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Let’s Push On!

Hi there.

Another win to keep us right up at the right end of the table today against a strong Bedford team.

I believe that getting maximum points against them will prove very important because they I’m sure will get stronger and stronger as the season progresses.

After the match we had an honest talk about the game, applauding the boys for the result but being honest enough with ourselves to admit we made hard work of the victory and should and could have made life easier on us by finishing better!

Harsh some may say but these players are an extremely truthful bunch and while being thankful for the 1-0 score line we can always strive for more.

One major change in personnel in our new goalkeeper, Joe Welsh. Joe was a target of mine in the summer but I couldn’t compete when Chelmsford, a Conference South team came in to sign him on a contract.

Joe didn’t quite find a home at Chelmsford and when we received a phone call stating this I had a very tough choice to make. Stay with our present keepers who between them have only conceded two league goals or go with Joe!

Neither Ron or Reece have been asked to leave but they have been told that Joe is my number one!

I got a call from Ron last night saying he wanted first team football which I fully respect. Ron has been with me for a long time now and I really appreciate his excellent skills.

Reece is thinking over things but I hope he is patient and stays.

The goal scored today was exceptional in quality by all concerned. A great ball put in by Martel and a sublime chip by Kaan.

After the match we had our talk and what I wanted to express to the lads was that they clearly have the ability in all departments but need to show this more frequently.

A free week to get everyone back fit and raring to go. Adam, Stu and Ryan Towner should all be OK for next Saturday and with Scott Bridges back from suspension and Jack Bradshaw and Daniel Brathwaite this manager has a selection problem ahead of him.

It would be great to keep all these players together. As mentioned the team spirit is fantastic and long may that continue.
Push on now!!