Friday, April 19
Royston, Hertfordshire


Mixed Results

Hello Everyone,

Quite a while since the last blog. What with jobs/xmas and panto runs(long story!!). 

Anyway into it. For us we keep on with this rollercoaster form with to put it mildly is frustrating. Three great wins North Greenford/St Ives/Hitchin unfortunately were followed by two league losses to Bedford and Chalfont! But to finish the week a hard earned victory against a reasonable Potters Bar team.

So plenty to mull over. To start the victories were brilliant. New shape, lads performed superbly and happy day! Into the Bedford game. Same shape/team, hopefully same result? It wasn't a good day for us at all!! Other than Ryan Ingrey's first minute block on their goalkeeper which led to our goal we were second all over the park! Not often I say this but we were(in my opinion!!).

Put it behind us and move on! Chalfont, pretty much same team bar a couple of differences, same shape. In truth we got going second half. First half we still looked shell shocked from the Saturday result. We changed things slightly and gave more of an account of ourselves but too little too late for me!
We seem to get ourselves in the league to a position where we can really push on then blow it!! I still believe Kettering will falter and will lose games but in fairness to them they keep churning out results!

A reporter asked me during the week if I'm concerned about missing out on the play off's!! I nearly laughed but my answer was no and that there's so much football to be played it's going to be a tight one!!

Watching Potters Bar and Chalfont, even Bedford and they in my opinion will take points off teams especially on their patch. We need to remain together as a unit, believe that we can be successful and take each game as it comes!!