Tuesday, April 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


No Let-Up

A win but not a classic from us away at Marlow.

Are the performances important at this stage in the season? I suppose not as important as the result but this group of very talented players have set themselves extremely high standards and when we dip underneath them they need a quiet reminder that nothing has been won yet and to strive for perfection every match.

Harsh I hear you say and yes it is. We as staff as well as the players are determined to succeed this season. It requires full concentration week in week out. The achievement so far has been awesome but no let up till the end!

My biggest headache at the moment and probably from now till the end of the season is selection of the starting 11!

Quite simply 18 doesn’t go into 11!! All the lads are 1st teamers. Some have to miss out and it’s hard on those missing out!

My general “Rule of thumb” is not to change a winning team and Bar a couple of occasions that has been the case. We have plenty of games coming up and especially at this stage in the season I want to put out a “Fresh” 11 every match. It might mean that I go against my main principle but always for the good of the team.

Onto another tough game on Tuesday at Ashford Town. They are also pushing for a play off place so another closely fought encounter to be had. Full concentration needed and 100% commitment to get a positive result. Farnborough are still hanging in there and although 5 points behind will be still in the picture if we falter slightly. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen. If ALL of us stick together and keep the belief that is within the group we should be fine.