Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Two Points Dropped

Hi Everyone.

Well I said points rather than performances were the order of the day but today we achieved neither! We got a point which may well end up being vital but both me and the lads feel it’s 2 points dropped rather than 1 won.

There seemed a touch of anxiety amongst the group and although we played a decent Beaconsfield team, with what we had should have been enough to gain maximum points. We clearly missed the influential Jack Bradshaw in midfield!

I hasten to add it wasn’t just the midfield that were not performing, in general we weren’t quite at the races today.

The boys have a great opportunity to “bounce back” on Tuesday and then next on Saturday. I’m sure they will. They’re a honest group, there will be twists and turns from now till the end of the season. We just need to stay in there.

The main message to the lads is remain positive. Results will come, keep upbeat and believe!

Once again cheers for the support. We all appreciate it!