Saturday, July 20
Royston, Hertfordshire


Promotion Push

Well what a mind blowing run we are on!! ALL the lads need praising!!

Not only the eleven that are out there but the whole squad. For the boys on the fringes it must be a really frustrating time for them and I do feel for 'em! Their attitude in general has remained so upbeat it's been refreshing to be around them all.

My job however is to keep the lads on their toes and keep striving for more. It's important we remain in this positive mood all the way through to the end of the season. We are now definitely in the play offs but now that's not enough, we need to cement a place in second position to ensure we have a home tie to start the semi's.

I'm sure you all will understand that I'm playing down everything until we get over the line by getting promotion. All my staff and players are fully focussed on achieving this so let others praise us and we will get on with the job!!

Once again thanks for the extra support from you fans at Leighton last week. We gave you something to cheer about which was good. A game where unfortunately Match Officials have had yet again a negative influence in proceedings, I felt that slowly but surely we were gaining the upper hand against a poor Leighton team, we had several half chances but lacked the clinical edge we have so desperately wanted for most of the season.

Around half way through the first half an excellently flighted free kick from Stuart Bridges was met by Liam McDevitt to put us one up! To be honest I thought that would open the floodgates and we could work on our poor goal difference but soon after a little sloppy play by us let Leighton in and Chris Watters being the last man was alleged to have tripped their man. Not only a penalty for them but Chris was shown his marching orders. It was just before half time and we were on the back foot for the first time in a while.

These lads at this moment in time are so receptive to anything asked, which is great for me! We decided to remain positive and keep pushing forward. We went with three at the back which was pretty bold but the faith I have in these boys is immense so why not!

Yet again we came up trumps, Gary Hart ,who in my opinion is playing the best football of his Royston career at present scored a superb brace ,with Ryan Ingrey netting again to make a 4-1 score line all within an eight minute period just after half time!! A massive effort for the 10 players and full plaudits to them. We slotted back to a back four and although we still remained positive we saw the game out yet again not conceding from open play!

Now you can call me a hard task master but I wasn't happy with the "Sloppy " play that was evident on Saturday so we have planned two training sessions for this coming week.

We will not let up!I for one will not be satisfied until we get something at the end of the season!!