Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Rather Bemused


A blog tonight reporting on the days events from a rather bemused manager who after seeing the 1st half of this pre season fixture was reasonably satisfied by what he had seen only to be totally shocked in enduring the 2nd 45 where all major principals of what we as a group are all about went totally out of the window resulting in a 4-1 defeat to a team one league below us.

For their part, fair play. A big pre-season scalp. Where they worked hard, stayed in the game and ultimately got a result they deserved.

For us, not quite back to the drawing board but loads of things to work on before we can honestly say we are ready to compete in the league we have been promoted into!

In my opinion we haven’t got our strongest 11 on the pitch yet. No problem at the moment but to get them all working together would be good. Loads of matches to come do no rush but the sooner we can get the 11 on the pitch the better for me.

We have had a few “downs” this week with previous players deciding that this club wasn’t for them. Ryan Frater & Adam Watkins, both making the choice that Royston wasn’t going to be their footballing home for this coming season.

Very disappointing because both I felt have and would have contributed to another successful campaign but they are adults, I appreciate their views and they go with my and the clubs best wishes!!

Still 3 weeks to go for us to correct any failings so far. Lads to regain full fitness is the priority and that they will with matches coming up.

Lads settling in, other boys regaining fitness levels and others just waiting to peak are all a waiting game. 3 weeks, at least 6 matches to play. So still time is on our side.