Friday, June 21
Royston, Hertfordshire


Rugby: Steve Castle’s Verdict

Hi Guys!!

I'm writing to you early on a Sunday morning, buzzing from a positive result on the first day!!

Not to dampen the result but I'm always honest and the performance in my opinion didn't match the result.

We looked a little nervous/anxious, understandable but I would have expected us to settle down a little quicker than that. In fairness to the lads they were the first to recognise it and the positive we can gain is that, although not playing as well as we could, we still beat one of the best teams in our league!

I thought our back four were superb! Especially Nick Azzopardi! The lad has literally forced his way in to the reckoning with good pre-season performances, we haven't sorted anything out with him financially but that has never been mentioned by him. It's so refreshing to see a lad playing for the love of the game, putting that in front of making money!!

Another positive was the post match activities from all the squad!! I mean ice baths/extra running/compression garments/ stretching/ food/ hydration!! Full credit to Scott Taylor and the lads for implementing it!!

Unfortunately I have had to put a ban on Alcohol straight after a game if we have a midweek game. For me it all goes to show how seriously the whole squad are taking this season!

Long may it continue!!