Friday, May 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Standards Were Not Met

I don’t often, especially this season, come back from a game feeling as down and deflated as I do right now! We have just been beaten by a team playing a level lower than ourselves and on this occasion I cannot defend our team as a whole tonight.

I can take the blame! I chose a team that I thought would compete but “Under strength”, a team very similar to the group that went to Welwyn Garden City and performed so admirably in a 5-1 win. A team partly made from young lads who are learning the game but also a good amount of seasoned players who recently haven’t had a regular start and needed minutes, to show me what they can do.

I appreciate that young lads will be inconsistent in performance levels but the older boys I expect a performance level conducive of their status not only at this football club but one they have set in their careers!

In hindsight, maybe a few more regular first team players could have been included but with the tough matches recently being played by them, the importance of keeping them fresh was paramount and at the same time giving “Recent fringe players” an opportunity to stake their claim for more starting roles.

My “Old School” attitude comes to the fore on these occasions. My belief that lads need to force their way in to the team and work their socks off to achieve what they want. Some worked hard but as a team there wasn’t enough desire or commitment shown.

Let’s hope that this result is a wake up call for ALL the players. We have done brilliantly so far but we will not do anything if we don’t put the work rate needed in EVERY match.

Not a single player can rest on their laurels. Week in week out, we need to be the most hardworking, committed team. The talent is obviously there but the standards these lads have set has to be met every game!!

Hopefully by my tone in this blog you can get the feeling that I will not allow this to happen again. Generally the boys have been fantastic, fully committed and determined to succeed. I’m hoping this is a one off. I really don’t enjoy being so despondent, I love praising the boys, commenting on positive exploits but honesty is the best policy for me.

Have a great Xmas and onto the Boxing Day match at Histon!!