Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Superb Attitude

Hi there.

A great win to report in the FA Trophy against Great Wakering.

The 3-0 scoreline sounds convincing and it was. Some really good individual performances and collectively a thoroughly professional display by us.

It's now seven straight wins but my job is to make sure it doesn't stop!!

The lads lately have been picking up one or two injuries between them, nothing to stop them playing but they have to be taken into consideration when looking forward. Luke Robins unfortunately has had a slight recurrence of his groin problem. Hopefully that can settle down in the next few weeks. Stuart Bridges recently has been having problems after games with his knee so will rest up all this week. Hopefully nothing serious. Rhys Hoenes has had a slight problem which yet again could do with a little care but shouldn't effect him too much. So the order for Tuesday is to go swimming. Rest the legs but still keep active!

I must say the attitude from everyone has been superb. All things asked of have been done. No fuss, no complaints just good people doing a good job at the moment.

Going away from football slightly, congratulations to my Assistant Chris Watters and his partner. They had their first child last week. Welcome to the world baby Erin!

At the end of last year we had a board meeting that I attended. It was mentioned about the blogs and that I was getting them out pretty sharpish when we had won but not so quickly when we lost! A fair comment and one I am trying to put right. With a bit of luck and the dedication shown by all lately the blogs after a defeat will be few and far between.!!