Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Need To Take Those Chances!

Hello everyone, welcome to my latest blog regarding everything “Crows”.

We look forward to a home game on Saturday against a team that has already got one over us this season in Uxbridge. They have had a mixed season and sit in mid table.

I’m sure like most teams that come to Garden Walk they will be up for it and raise their game. We must be prepared for this and make sure that we compete. The pitches will be getting heavier because of the weather so it may be that a “Simple” philosophy is taken on by us! By that I mean taking as few chances in dangerous areas as possible. “Realistically” play as much as the conditions will allow but always play with a tempo!!

The up coming six weeks will be very interesting for us. Hopefully we can keep everyone injury free as well as suspension free! We play nearly everyone in the top half with us, so we will have to be at our best! The season has been less of a rollercoaster than last but we have for me too many “Off days” We need to eliminate these or at least reduce them. There is plenty of ability within our set up, we need to show it week in week out.

We had two good sessions this week, mainly focussing on finishing and hitting the target. Chris put an excellent session on where the lads had to do a forfeit if the team shooting scored but if they missed the player that missed had to do a run! It was fun and plenty of banter flying about! As someone who is always looking for the target to be hit 100%, I struggled to find the amusement in a miss! I didn’t say anything to the lads because it’s important they enjoy their training but I need them all to have a less “adventurous attitude” I would want us to hit the target more if it meant the ball wasn’t hit “Harder” or “Technically” more attractive to the eye! A shot/header for me has to hit the target primarily, work the goalkeeper. A goal is a goal and if that means that a follow up “Tap in” is a winner rather than a 30 yard power blaster then so be it!

We do keep a record of the ratio of goals to attempts on goal. At the moment the amount of efforts are ridiculously high to the amount of goals scored. We need to reduce this ratio and take more chances, the lads are easily capable of this and that’s my target for them.

Hopefully see you there tomorrow.