Thursday, July 18
Royston, Hertfordshire


The More Leaders The Better


We had a very satisfying win on Saturday. Beating a resilient Hanwell Town team 2-0. Rob Mason scoring towards the end of both halves. I did feel however we could have secured a more convincing scoreline but a win is a win!

Hopefully, with this being our third victory, we can now start to look at the league table and get into a place in the league where we feel we should be! As I said previously we can't lose too many games if we are going to achieve success this year. With there being only one automatic promotion, losing 5 games or more would make it difficult to get up. Obviously it would depend on other teams, on how they go but trying to keep winning the league in our hands, our defeats have to be minimised.

Getting Scott Bridges back has been a real boost. Scott is a committed lad and that bite in midfield has been missed. We do however have a dilemma with both Scott and Liam McDevitt wanting to have the captain's armband! Both are leaders, 'Devs' is more vocal, Scott more inspirational but both are good captains. For me the more "Leaders" we have the better and whoever I do go for, the other shouldn't change their game at all.

We have a free weekend this Saturday due to us having been knocked out of the Cup. Rest assured we will not be putting our feet up but will have a training session or a practice game to keep the momentum going.

A quick mention about the standard of our pitch and how grateful all the players are for all the work that has been put into it! We all know how many games are played on it but if everybody involved is sensible we can keep it looking nice for as long as possible.

Short and sweet this Blog, obviously if anything new crops up I'll let you know!