Monday, July 22
Royston, Hertfordshire


Thoughts on Bedford Game

Hi there.

A good away win to comment on tonight at Bedford. Leaving it very late to produce the move of the match with a Danny May cross being met by Scott Bridges who superbly guided the ball in with his head to gain us maximum points!!

I was quoted after Saturday’s game as “Disappointed” with our performance then and I was but I’m realistic enough to know that we can’t hit the heights week in week out, especially early in the campaign. Sometimes we have to grind out results.

Tonight we got the balance a lot better, playing through the thirds of the pitch effectively whilst also creating several opportunities to score! Bedford’s keeper pulled off great saves to deny us and an extremely good penalty appeal for handball was unbelievably turned down by the referee.

I think what we all forget in these early weeks is that these lads, however fit are part time. Which means the training times we have are limited, only training at best 3 times in one week. Throw preseason games into the equation and training reduces even more. Some lads need more time than others and all are getting “Up to speed” at different stages.

In general all the boys have been brilliant with their attitude and as manager I try to juggle things with playing time to keep the team “fresh”

A case in point was tonight where I “rested” both Kaan and Chris. Certainly no reflection on their performances but that in August the games come thick and fast so giving Josh and Danny game time was a choice I made.

As ever I appreciate that it’s not always going to work out but if I try to do it with as much honesty as possible, hopefully the lads will accept this and stay together as a squad.