Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Three Welcome Points


Been a while since I’ve blogged, mainly due to a family holiday for me and the lack of a midweek game.

Saturday brought an away match for us against Aylesbury United. Aylesbury much improved from last season have had a good start and presented a tough challenge for us.

We shuffled things up a bit with Jack Bradshaw missing due to a holiday. We put Danny May into a midfield role and brought Chris Watters in as left back, with Martel Powell reverting to a 10 role he is very familiar with.

Early signs were good with us dominating play, leaving Aylesbury with breakaway efforts that although infrequent, were dangerous all the same.

We kept creating “half chances” which although good were lacking in that “fine detail” and often too long was taken to get shots away!

I really feel for the lads at the moment. All the front lads look anxious in front of goal!

It’s only them doing it to themselves. We are supportive of them and encouraging. Just a bit more belief and willingness to shoot quicker and with accuracy will do the trick I’m sure.

Onto the local derby tomorrow against Histon. They aren’t having the best of periods at the moment but derbies often have a habit of bringing the best out of the underdog. We must ensure this doesn’t happen!!