Friday, May 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Training Instead

No game tonight which is very disappointing for us. A blog all the same to keep everyone updated with our activities. We trained alongside the reserve lads and the A team, deciding to have a series of small sided games with everyone being mixed up. It’s good for the young lads to be around 1st team players, the pace that they play and the standards they set themselves hopefully rubs off on the young boys.

Not everyone trained. Joe because of a hip problem that’s not too bad but diving around on a hard Astro is not going to do him any favours.

John Frendo did train, fresh back from his “Honeymoon” probably needing a blow out after all that all inclusive food. Stu Bridges didn’t nor Matt Nolan due to work commitments. Neither would have missed the match had it been on but notified quickly after the match postponement to work and still have their night off in lieu!!

At the moment these called off games are not an issue. We are one game behind most of the others. Farnborough’s game also being called off. There are 13 weeks left to fit in 16 games, hopefully no more but no panic at this stage.

Whatever the weather brings over the next few weeks will obviously determine how many times we play. It is giving people like Gus Scott an opportunity to recover from he’s injury so our hope is to get as many match fit as possible and give me a full squad to pick from.

Onto Saturday, Uxbridge at home. Another one like Northwood that will come to us fully expecting to get a result. Treat everyone with the maximum respect, not be complacent and hopefully put on a performance befitting League leaders!!