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Travellers Tales: Colney Heath

Crows On The Road: Jez’s Report.

Crows Soar Higher Than The Magpies.

Crows at Colney Heath FC
Tuesday 29th January 2013
Result: Colney Heath FC 0-2 Royston Town FC (Fehmi, Robins)
Attendance: 56 (22 Travelling Crows)

The Journey

We left Royston at 6:30pm and the journey was pretty straightforward along the A505 and A1(M). The only scary bit was judging the turning off into Colney Heath the village. They do like their sleeping policemen around here, as my ashen faced navigator discovered to his horror as we nearly took off.

We arrived into a spacious car park at 7:30 with my navigator sprinting out of the car at faster than the speed of sound. We needed to negotiate the travelling hordes of home fans (most of them 80 year old ladies with their walking sticks!).


The Ground

After the Daventry and Biggleswade experiences, this was a real leveller! Entrance was through an old wooden hut and our spirits were lifted as there was no-one on duty. Yay, free entry we thought? Nope, they had moved their payments section to outside the club house.

The ground itself is surrounded by railings. Only one stand to speak of, which was covered and had approximately green seats nailed down. The clubhouse was to the right of this.

Very welcoming were the Colney Heath officials and fans, they had an excellent memory as they remembered Richard straight away (whether that is a good or bad thing, I am not sure). A warm club house with a large screen to enjoy the Tuesday night football. I enjoyed this more as the Villa score unfolded!


Food and Drink

I did not spot any warm food being served, but I was told the tea was pretty good and I did partake in a cheese roll, which was fresh and tasty. Was looking forward to a greasy, unhealthy BEEF burger. Perhaps certain supermarkets had sold out? Did not spot many horses in the local area either.



Free with entry, if you wished to purchase an extra one, the cost was just a £1. A pretty good read and the adverts were not too obtrusive.


State of Toilets

Clean and warm, which is pretty much what you would expect and desire?

Tannoy System

Unfortunately, not a tune to be heard or a crackle to cause discomfort. Just the sound of silence, now that was a cracking tune by Simon and Garfunkel.


Home Fans

A very friendly bunch, but very quiet throughout the game. They seemed to be more interested in “Standen” watch, as news of a former player’s latest brush with officialdom made the headlines at The Recreation Ground.



22 of us made the short journey towards the bright lights of, well not London. Lots of come on you Crows could be heard. Only one brave soul stood behind the sodden goal. That was not me, step forward David Baulk, hope you were not too wet!


The Game

A professional performance was this from start to finish. You really could not tell that the Crows had not played for nearly 3 weeks. Impressed with the fitness of the side too!

First half saw wave after wave of Royston pressure and their Goalkeeper had a “worldy”. An excellent performance from Tom Blackman who saved from Kaan, Ryan Ingrey, Endo and Lee Wilson in the first half. His goal was eventually breached 5 minutes before half time after a fabulous move from Royston ended with a pin point cross from Lee Wilson and our Kaan smashed home.

Referee was not the best and fellow Crows could not understand why he sent two of tour players to the sidelines to change their pants. Well at least the girls got a good eyeful!

Second half descended into a more of a friendly game feel as Colney Heath ran out of ideas and the Crows were happy to sit back and settle for a 1-0 victory until the very impressive Lewis Endacott burst into the penalty area, only to be upended. Luke Robins powered home the resultant spot kick.
Overall, a “Job Done” performance.


Physio Watch

Called into action only a couple of times. There was a humorous incident with a home fan who hollered out to her complaining about his own groin strain! Kim just smiled and retorted that “I’ve never heard that one before”.

Was interesting that a few moments later when their female physio came onto the pitch, the same fan kept very quiet. When questioned about this, he replied “I choose life!” Must not be so good with her hands then?

Bird watching

Our resident ornithology expert was quite disappointed this trip as we saw and heard none. I think the rain kept them away. Sensible birds! A saw a lovely looking female variety behind the bar though!


Man Of The Match

An excellent team performance, that caused untold headaches to the travellers tales team. We eventually settled on a player after tears and tantrums (Mainly from Richard).

Lewis Endacott showed his forward prowess on many occasions aswell as snuffing out the rare attacks on the Royston goal. He won us the penalty that sealed the game. Honourable mentions to Lee Wilson, who in the first half caused untold panic in the Colney Heath area and also to young Harry Reynolds who although not called upon frequently, was strong and pulled off a couple of vital saves.

Mileage for me so far (Round Trips)

1,341.9 Plus that round trip to stupid Burnham Ramblers.

Jez Izod (With additional reporting from Richard Scott)