Monday, July 22
Royston, Hertfordshire


We Can More Than Compete At This Level

An entertaining night but ultimately a disappointing one to reflect on tonight.

Plenty of positives to recall and a few negatives but we competed against a good Weymouth team, them coming out on top by 2 goals to 1.

Our goal was in my opinion of top class, not only the finish but the set up play was that worthy of a League several standards above our current League status.

Weymouth were always lively on the counter attack and their efficient football ended up giving them the 3 points that in fairness they probably deserved.

No lack of commitment on our part, we gave it everything and could have levelled proceedings but not on this occasion.

You may notice that no blame on any of our lads, in fairness our boys knew they had made mistakes but when you look at the season to date the positives far outweigh any lapses made tonight.

A time for all of us to keep upbeat, as hard as it is after a home loss, we know we can more than compete with the “Big boys” in the League and take each game as they come. Home or away if we can show the same attitude towards the match I’m sure we can compete with anyone we play for the remaining games to play.

Quite rightly the players were gutted but we need to quickly pick ourselves up, go again and “Believe “ in each other and what we are all about!

Kettering next. Another “Toughy” A team that are flying but we must have enough about us to know that on our patch we can show our worth and really take these teams on!

Realistically a play-off spot is the aim. I’m sure there will be loads of twists and turns between now and the end of the season. For me our “Togetherness” is paramount.

As hard as it is talking about a loss, especially at home we have to remain as positive as possible. The support we get from everyone is fantastic and we desperately want to repay this.

The season is getting to the “Business” end and we want to be part of it. We know it won’t be easy but our job as staff is to keep the belief high and keep striving for our ultimate goal!!