Friday, May 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


We Ran Out of Steam

Probably the hardest blog I’ve had to do this season!

We ran out of steam, right at the point where we needed a performance.

In general the lads have been superb this campaign, not the greatest start but plenty of determination got us back on track, beating most of the top teams at least once.

The season because of postponed games meant we had a flurry of games at the back end. Meaning we had to win them all to have a chance at the title!

Kings Langley winning their last remaining matches meant we went straight into the play off scenario needing to keep the momentum up.

Unfortunately it seemed a game too much and in all honesty we didn’t hit the height previously achieved!

I will always back my players and squad, they have been terrific for the duration of the season but tonight it wasn’t to be.

Apologies to everyone involved with the club, the supporters, the staff and of course the players! We tried our best lads and unfortunately this year it was a little bit beyond us!

Thank you to you all for the support and encouragement received. It has been greatly appreciated.

For me, straight away I’m thinking next year and to go one better! We can and will do it. There’s enough ability in the camp. We are as professional as possible, I’d like to think the boys have enjoyed our journey other than the last bit and will also have the desire to go one better!!