Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


Your “Twelfth Man” Support is Needed on Saturday!


We have achieved what we wanted so far!

It’s on to the last game of the season where we have to win and hope that a result elsewhere goes in our favour!

The boys have been terrific in as much as they have, since our “blip” we have done as well as we can by getting maximum points.

Not easy to do and at times, yet again it seemed difficult especially going 1-0 down in the last two games but a “Steely” determination shown saw us through to live to fight on.

An atrocious pitch at Aylesbury last night meant a “Ugly” game, one that saw us starting extremely bad. We didn’t compete or keep the ball well enough. In fairness to the lads their third game in a week seemed to be a too big an ask.

We levelled just before half time which was a godsend for us but going into the half time talk it was expressed by me that our performance was nowhere near good enough!

They responded fantastically and second half was a completely different story.

We needed that elusive second and it duly came via a Ryan Towner strike. A little fortunate but at this stage of the season, a little bit of “Donald Duck” (Luck) was great fully received!

A third to make us safe now and yet another Rhys Hoenes run produced a rather fortunate penalty. Scott Bridges took the role and confidently dispatched it.

3-1 and safe! Or so we thought. We had a couple of opportunities to really finish our opponents off but some sloppy play right towards the end meant Aylesbury got another, thankfully too late though to have an effect on the result!

On to Saturday. We need to win! That much we can effect! That’s all we can do.

Anything else we can’t. I’m not mentioning the team that “Have to” win coz I’m as superstitious as anyone and I believe as long as we do our part then hopefully it will be enough!

I have spoken to to the Petersfield manager and he has assured me he will be going for a result, their manager is a Plymouth supporter and remembers my playing days as an Argyle player!

Hopefully this connection will make a difference.

We will need you all to make a difference on the day!

Please come along, bring friends, family, we need a twelfth man to see us over the line.

Not even going to mention play-offs until we’re in ’em. Keep positive.
Up the Crows!!!

Lastly, in my blog I get an opportunity to explain some of my “Choices” that sometimes may seem “Unusual” to some.

As a manager it has been the most trying time I’ve had.

I’ve had (with the help of all of my staff) to make tough decisions. Leaving lads out, not because of form but because of availability or fitness has been a factor.

It’s a first for me but honestly I’m trying to do it with as much thought as possible, I accept not everyone will agree, but that’s football. I want what we all want, promotion!!

Keep the faith please!!!