Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Bare Bones

Hi Guys.

Trying to keep on top of the blogs so here's a review of our game versus AFC Hayes.

We are experiencing quite a 'Injury crisis' at the moment. So many lads injured that I called off training Thursday night because I couldn't risk anymore!!

I brought in Mez, Bondy and Callum Wilson from the reserve team and youth respectively. Unfortunately we found out Callum was still on a suspension so we couldn't use him. To combine that with Craig Hammond not fully fit (leg injury) and Rob Mason very stiff but willing to go on bench you can see what I mean about 'Bare Bones!!'

We still acquitted ourselves reasonably well especially in the first half. We were 2-0 up at half time. Should have been more but we went into the second half looking to improve on that score line! Well it just didn't happen!! The boys this year cannot seem to keep their performances up for the 90 minute duration. It's one of very few things I have been disappointed in this season. We really need to address this!! With all due respect to Hayes they were a team there to be beat, and beat convincingly but for some reason we sat back and the inevitable happened, they scored and made it a tight end to the game!

But as I said to them after (and they all agreed) we have set ourselves standards here now and they are very high! We do not drop them regardless of opposition. We will be striving to rectify this quickly!!