Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire





A football match –  that’s all it is! I’ve got to keep reminding myself of that,  BUT I can’t at the moment because for me it’s so much more than that.

All the support that we get from fans, the board and the community in general I’m afraid to say that last night we let everyone down!

5-0 sounds bad and it was,  but the manner in which we got beat is more disturbing for me. I didn’t see it coming and recent results gave us no indication of what happened and at this point, on behalf of all the staff, I want to apologise for the performance- it wasn’t good enough.

I am at fault for the result – there’s no getting around it. We could have been more defensive-minded but my ‘arrogance’ at my belief in our qualities lead to such a heavy defeat.

Half time came and although not a good first half I,  for one, thought we could get ourselves back into the game. We changed our shape, getting Ronnie Henry into the middle of our defence. There were unforeseen circumstances why we initially chose to bring Ronnie out of the middle but I thought it was the best way forward with what we had to pick from – First big mistake by ME!

Now I appreciate that 4 goals were conceded in that 2nd half but we were chasing for at least a point and for the first part of the 2nd half there was a response and we were clearly back in the contest. However, We were chasing and leaving our back 3 exposed regularly. It was a gamble that obviously didn’t come off. BIG mistake No. 2

In fairness to our players it wasn’t for the lack of effort but last night we just didn’t possess or deliver the quality needed.  At this stage, I want to defend our younger players – coming in as a youngster is never easy and in normal circumstances, the more experienced players would be a help but tonight, as a group, we let ourselves down. Now I could make excuses for both myself and the team but at times we have to face the music and last night is one of those times.

What I do know about this set of players is that they are hurting as we all are. I want them to know that last night is on me tonight and we move on. I know there will be a response. We will all look at the game one last time and criticise each other and then FORGET about it and move on as a group.

We have an unbelievable opportunity to bounce back on Saturday. An FA cup tie against a team from a higher level in Hemel Hempstead Town. Being the lower level side and therefore the underdog, nothing really is expected from us. We are away and, although they haven’t had a great start themselves, they should on rankings be too much for us but we all know different. I want the boys to play like it’s their last ever match. To make a real effort to make up for the low that we have just endured.
I am very confident that we will do just that and,  for me, this is perfect timing to take on the challenge.

So enough of the negative talk from me… what’s the saying “When the going gets tough” that’s the response we all want.  We can’t feel for ourselves and I’m sure that we won’t.

I and everyone are not saying that these players are not good enough, we all know that they are and right now they need our support more than ever. I’m sure we will all get behind them and then the belief in themselves will come flooding back. As we know, football is a results business and we all expect that but they are a great group and if we keep the faith I’m sure they will repay!!


Steve C



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