Monday, July 22
Royston, Hertfordshire


Fantastic Character Shown


Firstly apologies for not doing a blog on Tuesday after our game against Lowestoft. We got back late and then work the next day and before you know it the next game was upon us.

A disappointing result, not for the lack of trying from our part but we couldn’t quite get it right in front of goal! The boys were down as were the staff. It was a really tough experience but only way to get it out of the system another match and yesterday’s encounter came soon enough.

We started brightly but the similar issue of not getting the ball in the back of the net was still a problem. I felt it was coming and then six minutes of three different events meant we lost three of our main players with injuries which would have unsettled even the most calmest of teams.

In fairness to the group and our three substitutes they just got on with it and I applaud their attitude to a man.

We got through to half time, made a formation change to try to suit the players and went again.

If things couldn’t worse we conceded a penalty in the first few minutes to compound an already difficult situation.

No heads down though and with all this drama surrounding the game the lads kept going and in my opinion deservedly got themselves back level and probably should and could have gone on to win the game.

Fantastic character, let’s hope we can kick on from this!