Thursday, June 13
Royston, Hertfordshire


Looking Forward to the New Season

An end of pre-season from blog from yours truly today to report on all the friendlies and comings and goings over the last couple of weeks.

As with every pre-season lads come in, lads go, some have other options, some maybe just don’t fit into plans, for various reasons there’s always an amount of players to view in these matches.

At the same time it’s an opportunity for established players to regain fitness and improve on it. Whilst all the time integrate them all into a forward thinking positive outfield that can compete at a high level consistently.

We are getting there, some good performances and results and an occasional loss to “Put us in our place” in regards to our “ Steady” progress that will have some ups and downs to go through.

Are we ready? Is any team totally prepared? Probably not in regards to fitness, the boys have worked very hard but games will get them “Match fit” we’ve had more pre-season matches than ever before so we’ve tried our best to cover every angle but I’m sure there will be a few things uncovered.

This week, no Charity cup game to further prepare but two training sessions and a reserve match to accommodate any players still requiring match minutes.

As prepared as we can be and reasonably happy with our progress thus far.

Into the season with an away match to start. Looking forward to it!!