Saturday, July 13
Royston, Hertfordshire


Not our day

Hi Everyone.

Not a good day to report this Saturday.  A 3-1 loss to a Nuneaton team that had certainly done their homework on us but to be truthful, it was us that underperformed and had we got to anywhere near the levels we can achieve, we would have got something from the game.

Yes it was hot, very hot it but was the same for all of us playing today so we can’t make that an excuse.

We just never got going and our quality was a miss all over the park, especially in our attacking third.
Looking at the bigger picture and generally this group have shown excellent levels. They have worked hard at their fitness and shown quality on the ball often but today wasn’t the day. It does happen and at times we have to be a little easier on the group but not for long! They have to show they are consistently reaching Level-3 heights, collectively and individually. It’s not a crisis by any means but the boys need to dig in and challenge one another to achieve what we want.

A quick turnaround and a game at home (against Leiston on Tuesday), so an excellent chance to redeem themselves. It needs to happen immediately. We want to compete at the top end of the table and losing at home is not an option.
Hopefully although midweek we can get a few down on Tuesday. It’s the summer holidays so come on  kids get down and  support us “Crows”.

Steve C