Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Positive Vibes

A really positive vibe around the squad at the moment and so it should with a cluster of good performances both collectively and individually.

For me the belief in the players is evident, we have grown into the season very well and built on an average start to the campaign to put us now in a position to affect the top every week.

I have set the lads a target of getting to Xmas undefeated. A very tough ask, considering our opposition to come but aim high and if we can get anywhere near that achievement we can hopefully be in the mix for promotion contenders.

All too early I hear some of you say but honestly this ”Vibe” I’m talking about, all coming from the squad is infectious and for me long may it continue.

That said “Complacency” will be our biggest problem. To know that it could be an issue is half the battle so both Chris and I will be doing everything possible to make sure it doesn’t come into the equation.

Our main approach to making sure things remain positive is to take the emphasis away from particular matches and concentrate on lads “Keeping their shirts” I’m sure ALL the players know they have to perform week in week out. If we look at our bench today- Scott Thomas, James Potton, Chris Assombalonga, David Mooney and Charley O’Keefe! Wow!!

What a line up to back up an already impressive starting eleven!!

At this stage it has to be said the attitude from all the squad has been tremendous, especially the boys who haven’t regularly started. All behind the team, no complaints. All obviously eager to play and contribute when needed.

I feel at this point I do need to focus on one player. James Potton. JP came out of the team by unfortunate circumstances due to not getting out of work early enough to be included for the St Neots match. Although not happy, no complaints from him (well not to me! Lol!) After a convincing 5-0 win had to stay on the bench then he comes on and scores one of the best goals seen by me in a long time to get our victory today!!

Typical of the lad but also typical of ALL the players at the moment.

Keep it going boys we are all very proud thus far!!